We all have played with LEGO® in our childhood!. We used it as a fun toy to build small houses or other small objects. But did we ever think that this fun toy could also be used as a tool for learning and solving business problems?

I used to think Data Visualization was the first step to machine learning and that’s what I wrote in my Data Visualization blog. But again, I was wrong, there is a step even before Data Visualisation. I realized this when I met our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop facilitators, Mr. Laxman Murugappan and Mr Shirish Patil and Data Scientists Ms. Anuradha Bankar.

Even Before, we analyze the given data, we need to first make sure what problem we are trying to solve.We must make sure that we have understood the problem statement well and then we take a step by step approach. Ms Anuradha brought into our attention that 90% of data science projects fail because of not understanding the problem statement well. Generally, we have a business problem in hand and we need to find a solution to a business problem. After we have understood the problem statement well, we translate it into a data science problem. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® helps understand the problem in a fun and interactive way.

There are two aspects of this workshop. One is the systematic approach to data science problem formulation and another one is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® tools and methodology used to solve the problem. When it comes to the data science part, there won’t be much technical words or buzz words used. We will not get into the algorithms or models, our objective would be to explore how to formulate a problem and approach it.

The flow of the workshop is split into following components.

  1. Ice breaker and warm up on how to prepare and use LEGO® models.

  2. Brief objective and overview of workshop.

  3. Case study – A data science problem will be given to us.

  4. Brainstorming and group discussion creating LEGO® models to solve the problem.

  5. Coming up with a solution to the given problem using LEGO® Model.

When we interviewed LEGO® Facilitators and asked, How does LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® help in getting a better solution?

They said “ Our brain is connected to our hands through 95% of the nerves. Anything that we do by our hands, it re-inforces and re-formats our brain. It’s also called thinking with hands. It brings in kinesthetic learning. Hence we get a better clarity of concepts when we play with LEGO® bricks, the associations are higher and learning is more effective and ability to digest the concepts is higher as we learn through associations and we don’t need to memorize it as associations are more powerful than memorizing

I am very excited about this workshop, I think it’s the best way I can spend my Sunday afternoon, unwind and learn using games.

Are you? Hurry up, there are limited seats due to the nature of the workshop!

So, join us on 3rd   February 1.00 pm. Thought work’s Pune

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