In the WiDS Pune 2019, pre-conference workshops concluded so far, we learnt to understand the problem statement thoroughly with all perspectives. Now, once we have understood the problem statement, our workshops are slowly getting into the implementation details. Statistics and Mathematics is one very important pillar of Data Science.

We need to identify which model or algorithm do we need to use in order to solve a particular problem.

I spoke to Ms. Rutuja Udyawar, to know, what’s in it for us in the upcoming workshop – Unmasking the Machine Learning Models,

We will first start with setting up hypothesis and then will move to exploring all the machine learning models. Ms. Rutuja, our facilitator will guide us through the pros and cons of all the models.

Ms. Rutuja identified that there are a lot of myths regarding machine learning. There are many facts that are not known to most of us. Many times, we have a model that gives high accuracy, but it is not deliverable to the customer as it does not meet the business needs. We need to understand how we can avoid this. Through this workshop, Ms. Rutuja plans to break some of the myths of machine learning.

This workshop will also be an interactive one as all other WiDS Pune workshops have been so far We will be divided into groups and each group would be given a different case study. We will then explore these case studies by building and training models using a simple tool. We will not be required to code, but we can still train the model with the help of the tool.

I am really excited to unmask the machine learning models, are you?

Join us in this exciting journey in ‘Unmasking Machine Learning Models’ workshop on 16th February, 10AM at e-Zest Pune.

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