In our last workshop, we explored all the machine learning models and algorithms and learnt where to use them. Now we want to dive a little deeper into logic and coding.

To help us dive deeper, we have the upcoming pre conference event workshop by WiDS Pune,                               “1 Day in Python – Life science case study” workshop.

This workshop is divided into 4 sessions, each facilitated by different experts. In these sessions we will learn some basic python, and then we will see how to build the logic and process data.

The best part is, it is going to be held from the perspective of industry experts. The facilitators are the experts who work on Data Science problem at Innoplexus and they will share how they work on real life problems. Python is a great way to start your programming journey. It is an awesome language for working with Big Data and use for sorting data sets and analyzing trends. It has a readable syntax, it is object oriented, and it is used on the backend of lot of cool web apps like Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. Speakers, harness the power of Python to solve complex research problems every day. Python helps them effectively deal with large unstructured biological data, perform data retrieval and parsing, automation, data manipulation as well as simulation of biological systems. As the core business of Innoplexus is in Life sciences, they will share lots of biological examples of Python usage with the participants. There are some interesting games, quizzes and life science data sets which will be used to explain the concepts.

So, join us on 23rd Feb, 2019, 9.30 a.m. @ Innoplexus, Hinjewadi, Pune

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