With the onset of new technologies we have had several revolutions in the industry. Industry 4.0 is the latest one. The 4th industrial revolution is the IIOT(Industry Internet of Things). Here all machines and devices are connected together and all the data is collected in the cloud. This is also being known as Smart Manufacturing.

With the Industry4.0 there is huge amounts of data created everywhere. We need to organize and understand this data so that it gives out some value to us. This is where machine learning comes into picture. The collaboration of IIOT with Machine Learning will help us give better value to the customer from all the data that is collected.
In the next workshop on 2nd March we are going to learn about this collaboration of IIOT and Machine Learning. We will learn how we keep the machines in optimal condition and how we can prevent breakdowns. Using machine learning we can predict the breakdowns and plan maintenance in advance. This can be a very useful technology to increase productivity in industry.

So hope to see you at at 2nd March at e-zest at the 5th pre-conference event by WiDS Pune.